• Intelligent, trusted opinion

    Imagine’s creative teams are made up of some of the most passionate, knowledgeable and experienced journalists and designers in the publishing industry

  • Proven portfolio approach

    Imagine’s print and digital magazines are bought by passionate, well-informed, technology literate individuals who enjoy our content on many different formats, including iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Android, Mac or PC

  • Commitment to quality

    Imagine’s products never compromise on quality and it shows in everything we do. From the award winning games™ to our iPad apps and our range of international bookazines

  • On every platform, everywhere

    Magazines, bookazines, websites, apps, eBooks - on every technology platform you will find Imagine's content leading the way, providing inspirational, practical advice and expert opinion

Why We Are Successful

Imagine Publishing is a fast-moving worldwide technology content producer with a focus on quality, innovation and excellence

Imagine targets markets where new technology creates and drives a demand for specialist information. Its products are all aimed at the same core audience of young professionals who want high value information and opinion delivered in a high quality package. They are written by acknowledged and trusted experts in their field, who share their readers’ passion and allow them to enjoy and expand their hobbies.

High quality, trusted brands

Many of Imagine’s core brands have been published for over 10 years and are well-respected in their fields, each enjoying a loyal, passionate fanbase. Imagine never compromises the quality of its editorial or production values, and always engages with its customers.

Quick to market

Due to its flat management structure and experienced senior publishing team, Imagine is able to make quick decisions which result in it being first into new and exciting markets with inspirational products. First mover advantage is often key to building customer loyalty and product longevity.

Content works hard

Imagine’s quality content is repurposed on multiple platforms across many different formats to ensure maximum exposure and financial return on our valuable information. Whether on a website, printed magazine, smartphone, eBook reader or tablet device, you will find Imagine’s products.

Innovative and entrepreneurial

Imagine’s publishing teams thrive on testing new editorial and design ideas, experimenting with innovative packaging, and exploring new ways of distributing its digital and print content worldwide.

International content

Imagine produces thousands of pages of true international, non-time sensitive content every month, which makes it perfect for licensing and translating into other languages, or for direct publishing to territories all around the world.

Control and management of content and rights

Imagine prides itself on strict control of its content rights, which enables the company to work effectively with global licensing partners and offer an unparalleled content supply service with peace of mind.


Imagine doesn’t care what format its content is viewed on – printed page, tablet, smartphone, web page, DVD - as long as it is enjoyed, paid for, and its readers come back for more. That’s why Imagine embraces digital publishing in all its forms, and was the first publisher to put its entire portfolio onto the iPad for launch.