• Quality. Innovation. Respect.

    Envied across the industry, the multi-award-winning games™ brand evokes a style and quality of its own. An oasis of visual flourish and premium content, games™ has a creative weight that commands respect

  • Unrivalled developer access

    games™ is one of the longest-running and most respected videogame magazines in the world, and enjoys exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the world’s best games developers

  • Content for all gaming formats

    games™ covers every major gaming format equally, and has a unique voice that its readers trust to guide them in purchasing decisions


games™ often breaks the mould with creative firsts, challenging competing brands to compete at a high quality altitude. First to market with an AR brand treatment, first to market with a bespoke glow-in-the-dark special, and first to market with an origami cover, games™ has proven itself to be an unstoppable creative force.

In an industry of link-clickers and SEO-bait, games™ stands as a brand that sophisticated audiences are willing to build a relationship with. It has a reputation established over a decade; one that very few videogames brands can boast.

games™ regularly enjoys true industry firsts. Supported with groundbreaking exclusives and unrivalled access to publishers and developers across the videogames spectrum, the brand engages its dedicated audience with unique, compelling content.

Brand values

  • A true authority and influence on the industry
  • Home of groundbreaking, engaging creative firsts
  • Unsurpassed access to world-beating developers
  • Premium quality brand admired by all

The games™ audience

Industry professionals

Industry professionals

As one of the most respected brands in the videogames industry, games™ enjoys the respect and attention of the world’s most important developers and publishers.



The games™ brand attracts hardcore gamers with an appetite for more knowledge, for deeper insight. games™’s mission is to satisfy this audience in a way no other brand can.

Sophisticated gamers

Sophisticated gamers

games™ is admired by an audience who demand more in-depth consumer advice and industry insight. It’s an intelligent, more considered, more affluent audience and one games™ is proud to boast.

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