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    Digital Photographer is a truly successful international brand - encompassing magazine, bookazines, DVD, mobile app, eBook range and licensed editions

  • For enthusiasts and pros

    One of the most well-respected and enduring brands in the photography sector, and known for its trusted advice and in-depth approach to all aspects of modern photography

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    Digital Photographer has been teaching prosumers the techniques and skills to create better photographs since 2002

Digital Photographer

Digital Photographer is the kitbag essential for enthusiasts and pro photographers looking to refine their skills and bolster their portfolio, created by working photographic professionals. The Digital Photographer brand focuses on what good photographers really want – exceptional images, expert advice and all the latest technology explained. Digital Photographer reaches out to photographers on their level, providing them with all the inspiration and information they need to take their skills to the next level.

Brand values

  • Established by experts, loved by enthusiasts
  • Driven by a passionate community
  • Extraordinary appeal: from novice to pro

The Digital Photographer audience

Aspiring pros

Aspiring pros

Dedicated photographers need expert information – emerging careers depend upon superior technique shaped by infallible guidance. It’s why Digital Photographer is an essential companion.

Gadget fanatics

Gadget fanatics

For many, owning the best camera system comes first. It’s an affluent audience Digital Photographer effortlessly attracts, responding to the audience’s insatiable need to showcase its tech.

Esteemed professionals

Esteemed professionals

Heritage breeds loyalty, which is why professional photographers across the world have engaged with the Digital Photographer brand for years as a source of inspiration and information. It’s a status that can’t be bought, only earned.

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