• The best eBooks for your iPad

    Imagine's proven series of eBooks can now be found on iTunes and downloaded direct to your iPad or iPhone

Portfolio: Apple iBooks

Imagine’s proven quality content is perfect for the production of eBooks for Apple's stunning iPad and iPhone mobile devices

What are iBooks?

iBooks are Apple's version of eBooks - wholly digital books which can be read on a number of Apple devices. The growth of eBooks has now overtaken sales of traditional print books in both hardback and paperback forms, and the convenience of being able to search, purchase and read titles anywhere at any time has transformed the book publishing industry. It will also lead to an explosion of consumer choice at affordable prices, and without damage to the environment.

Where can I find iBooks?

Imagine’s iPad and iPhone iBooks are shown below, and can be purchased and downloaded directly to devices in seconds through iTunes. To do this, you must have an iTunes account with your credit card details stored. Click on any of the eBooks below to find out more about each title.