• Accessible for all

    Simple, clear and trustworthy. The Senior’s Edition series removes barriers and makes the complicated seem effortless.

Seniors Edition

Simple explanations to help you understand how things work, the Senior’s Edition series removes all the jargon and complications and just gives you what you need to start using the latest technology independently. Accessible for all ages, these books will help open up a world of possibilities.

Brand values

  • Easy to understand – no prior knowledge necessary, the Senior’s Edition series lays everything out in a clear and simple way, right from the beginning
  • Clean, simple design – no fuss, just the elements you need. Straightforward instructions and supporting images, with a stripped-back layout to avoid clutter and confusion
  • A brand you can trust – written by experts so you get the most from your device, the sole aim of the Senior’s Edition series is to bring clarity for people of all ages

Seniors Edition Products