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Tuesday 17th November 2015

Real Crime magazine launches Twitter event #RealCrimeFriday

An exciting, fast-paced way of telling real crime stories will take place every week

Fans of real crime stories will have a brand new way of engaging with unsolved or mysterious cases with the launch of Real Crime’s #RealCrimeFriday.

The Twitter-hosted event will run for an hour each Friday from 1pm and will see an unsolved real crime case retold over a series of illustrated tweets. At the end of the hour, Twitter sleuths will be invited to tweet their theories in an attempt to crack the case.

Real Crime Editor in Chief James Hoare said, “I’m excited to be bringing the intrigue of unsolved cases to Twitter. We know that there’s a huge appetite for true crime stories out there and Real Crime Friday will test people’s detective skills as well as providing a fascinating insight into some of the world’s most notorious mysteries.”

At the end of #RealCrimeFriday each week, Real Crime magazine will publish a link to what is known about the case in question. All names will be withheld until the end of the hour to prevent any surreptitious internet research to shortcut to the truth.

Hoare continued: “No one in the true crime community has attempted storytelling in this way before and I think the possibilities for Real Crime Friday are endless. We’re doing something new here. It will be fun to see how it develops.”

Real Crime is published monthly by Imagine Publishing and is the first high quality true crime magazine on the newsstand. Every issue of Real Crime reveals the untold stories behind the world’s most gripping cases, the breath-taking experiences of investigators and survivors, and blow-by-blow accounts of how lawbreakers were finally brought to justice. Priced at £3,99, Real Crime is available from high street magazine retailers such as WH Smith, as well as all major supermarkets.

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