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Monday 26th October 2015

Tech-crazy Britons use an average of 31 gadgets in a day, study reveals

Wifi routers, smartphones and chargers are used more frequently than kettles

The UK has confessed to being gadget crazy, as British tech fans are revealed to use an average of 31 gadgets in a day.

The figure was revealed in a survey conducted by Gadget magazine, the new publication launching on Thursday 22 October at newsstands across the country.

Nearly all of the popular gadgets weren’t even available 100 years ago, while a core few have been in households for centuries.

Dan Hutchinson, editor-in-chief for Gadget magazine, said: “Since before the Great Exhibition in 1851, the UK has been at the forefront of both innovating new technology and jumping at the chance to use it. Us Britons just love gadgets.

“The term gadget is a catch-all for useful items that help us complete tasks and errands, and as a race we humans just can’t get enough of them. From fashioning the world’s first spoon out of an old stick to designing the microchip the size of a grain of salt.”

The most popular gadgets ticked for everyday use are the smartphone, plug-in charger and wifi router, three items that have revolutionised our day-to-day lives, and that simply weren’t available 100 years ago. More people use these gadgets daily than they use standard kitchen equipment such as kettles and dishwashers.

“The incredible growth in people’s use of gadgets shows no sign of abating,” added Hutchinson, “and the journey of products from fanciful glimpses of the future to unquestioned features of daily life is happening more quickly than ever.”

Gadget is a mass-market technology magazine for geeky parents and their children from the publishers of How It Works, offering product reviews, analysis of future trends and how-to guides of the best – and most unusual – gadgets available. It also dissects technology to explain how it works with innovative and informative graphics.

All the latest, hottest trends will be covered in the monthly magazine including items such as drones, 3D printers, wearable tech, smart homes, fitness tech, Amazon Echo and Oculus Rift.

Priced at £5.00, Gadget is available from high street magazine retailers such as WH Smith, as well as all major supermarkets. Subscribe today for just £1 for 3 issues and get each issue delivered direct to your door.

Top 10 gadgets used every day from survey results

1 Wifi router

2 Smartphone

3 Plug-in charger

4 Television

5 Kettle

6 Computer mouse

7 Tablet computer

8 Desktop PC

9 Laptop computer

10 Headphones


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Gadget magazine caters for an increasingly tech-crazy world by providing a monthly look at both the hottest new devices as well as many yet to hit the shops. Following the successful format of How it Works magazine, Gadget will appeal to tech-savvy parents who want to learn with their children. It makes excellent use of high-quality photography and eye-catching design throughout each issue and its tone is expert without ever being dull. Gadget magazine brings something new and vibrant to the marketplace.

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